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When it's comes to carpet cleaning choosing the right carpet cleaning method for your carpet can become very confusing. Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaning services include all the latest carpet cleaning techniques, our service professional are available to help you choose the right technique for your carpet.

House cleaning is not unusual for us during festival seasons, especially during Christmas or New Year. It not only makes our living space clean and healthy but also rejuvenates our spirits and enhances our moods. Carpet cleaning is an integral aspect of house cleaning and requires utmost care to keep our living space free of dust and mites.

There are various carpet cleaning machines used by Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaning for different levels of cleaning. Whether these are wall to wall carpets or carpet tiles, they differ in quality and texture according to the usage. For example plush and wool carpets can be used to cover the floors of bed room or living room since they are soft and warm. For heavy traffic lanes and doorways Berber carpets will be the right choice as they are tough and withstand wear and tear.

Carpet Cleaning Arlington Heights - Dry vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to light cleaning Carpet Cleaning Arlington Heights dry carpet cleaning service can be the best option for you. Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaning technicians use absorbent compounds and heavy oil prespray to remove stains and dirt in the carpet. It is to be noted that any loose dirt or soil on the carpet should be properly vacuumed before commencing the process of dry carpet cleaning. The process involves spraying of heavy oil prespray to remove tough carpet stains then sprinkling of chemical absorbent compound on the carpet is done with proper precautionary measures, such as wearing glows and masks.

After ensuring the even spread of absorbent chemicals into the carpet the compound is allowed to attract and absorb dirt and stains with the help of a rotary brush in the cleaning equipment. Finally the compound is vacuumed to give the carpet a brand new look free of dirt and stain. However this considered to be a light cleaning method which may not have the deep cleansing efficiency as the carpet steam cleaning.

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Carpet Cleaning Solutions - Compare Cleaning Methods

A glance at our steam carpet cleaning service procedure could enlighten you on the deep cleaning features of the process. As the name suggests, Arlington Heights steam cleaning service involves hot water jet with steam and the use of carpet shampoo, detergent and other chemicals that flush away the dirt, insects and germs that reside deep into your carpet. The flushed elements are immediately sucked by the powerful vacuum pump located at the end of the carpet cleaning machine.

Since the dispensing and suction requirements of this cleaning process are heavy a separate, powerful mobile unit is used for this type of carpet cleaning. Carpet steam cleaning provides you with a clean and sterilized carpet on your floors. This method of cleaning is recommended for homes with kids because it doesn't leave any harmful chemical residues like many other light carpet cleaning techniques.

Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaning services are aimed at providing highly quality cleaning service at affordable costs. Our Carpet Cleaning fleet of carpet cleaning service professionals is well trained and can provide you with the perfection that you have always longed for. In fact, when you compare the costs involved hiring rental carpet cleaning machines, purchasing solvents, detergent and the accessories with that of our professional clean services, you would realize that hiring Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaning is more profitable for you.

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